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Financial insights begin with data.  As your business grows, the volume of your financial data grows too.  It is easy to lose track of your direction if you don't have a robust financial system in place.  


At Sharpline Accounting Services we help you see the forest through the trees.  This means that we have the expertise to guide you from the operational level (the trees) all the way to strategic decision making (the forest).  From managing your bookkeeping to streamlining your accounting processes, we are with you every step of the way.  Your business deserves the kind of financial insights grounded on a strong foundation.

You Don't Have To Be An Accountant... That's where we come in.

Suriani Hostetler is a CPA,  Founder and CEO of Sharpline Accounting Services LLC, licensed in Connecticut.   Sharpline Accounting Services is founded on these principles.  As we team up to join forces, we begin to delve into the critical financial data you need to run your business, without the demanding accounting tasks. We’ll also design strategies that will enable you to make critical business decisions as well as share our insights with you and your team.  We have been working in just this "lockstep" manner with our clients. providing the kind of solutions  that can bring their business to new heights

Outsourced Financial Solutions For Every Stage Of Your Growth

Before we begin working together, we start by understanding where you are currently.  Then we chart a course toward where you want to go.  These questions serve as the starting point of our discussion.

What Are Your Goals?

Have A Detailed Strategy?

How's That Going?

Could You Use A Bit Of Help?

Our Services


Bookkeeping Services

Operational tasks to keep your financial system running smoothly while providing timely, accurate and reliable data

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Accounting Services

Delivering financial analysis and developing processes and internal controls--the foundation for growth


CFO Services

Strategic planning, cash management and KPI monitoring for businesses ready to scale to new heights